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At MIP Properties, the premier property agency in Klang Valley, we enjoy success and we want to share it with all our agents and negotiators. Because joined together we bring more wealth and satisfaction to each other.

Our success is based on two things. First, our philosophy of Professionalism, Integrity and Approachability.

Second, our commitment and investment on information technology. We provide the latest and most advanced IT tools and training to help you make the most of your entrepreneurial spirit to serve clients better, perform effectively and become successful in the field of property sales and rental.

Our IT solutions enable our agents and negotiators to continuously update our property database, get the latest listings, manage their time and resources to achieve prime efficiency and productivity.

Are you interested in getting started in real estate? We can assist to get your career off to a fast start to real rewards. MIP Properties has a comprehensive training programme for all new recruits. You’ll quickly be negotiating property deals as an experienced professional, bringing value to your clients and scaling the heights of your career ladder.

Or if you are an experienced REAL ESTATE NEGOTIATOR or Registered Estate Agent, join us today to receive the reward, support and recognition you’ve dreamed about, and the plan to help bring your career to the next level.

A career at MIP Properties is about opportunities, rewards, growth, learning, partnership and harmony. To apply, send an email to [email protected] Or call (03) 6141 8728 for more information on the most rewarding professional experience in the ever-dynamic and lucrative real estate field.

Your successful future starts today!


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